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The Kivari woman is full of adventure, wonder and discovery... she is the soul seeker, and doer. Always in pursuit of freedom and a new journey, she wears her worldly bohemian leathers and apparel not just for the soft, free-flowing comfort, but for what it represents to her. Each collection is created to ensure she is part of a culture that forever strives to be the free spirited soul searchers of the world.... As a four year old Kirstin (nickname Kiki) travelled around Europe with her parents in their brown combie van, igniting her curiosity and desire to seek inspiration and adventure. Her mother taught her to sew, and growing up she would make her own dresses, daydreaming about one day starting her own fashion label. Though unlike the conventional tales of becoming a fashion designer, Kiki’s journey went in a very different direction. She became a radiographer. She spent years divided between working as a radiographer in Australia, and moments of freedom; travelling the globe, and living abroad in London and Dubai. Though there was something missing. Being the kind of girl that would never give up on her dreams, Kiki was determined to make a change. It was 2010, and while on a surf trip in Indonesia, she started sketching up designs for small leather wallets and bags. She set up a stall at the local market, and Kivari was born. In just five years, Kiki has grown Kivari into a international lifestyle brand, opening their first concept store on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2015. Her bohemian styles pieces are now stocked in over 100 retail outlets world wide; and almost needless to say, she has never looked back.

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